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Your local Off The Hook is: Kidlington, 9 Oxford Road, OX5 2BP.


Off The Hook


We're a family-run business bringing you fresh, quality produce from the local area and preparing it ourselves by hand. Of course, the Off The Hook approach starts with the fish itself; Our fish is ocean wild, not farmed.

The welfare of our fish is just as important to us as the quality, so we only use fish caught in Icelandic and North Atlantic sustainable waters. We cook the fish in a natural batter with no extra salt, MSG, bulking agents, or artificial colours and flavouring.

But what about the chips? We source seasonal British-farmed potatoes, which are washed, cut and chipped in our kitchen and then cooked in pure vegetable oil for that perfect chip time after time. As well as an authentic, homemade flavour. The fishcakes and the mushy peas are our creations, along with some of the sauces and side orders. Nothing of ours is processed or out of a ready-made packet.

As you'll see from the menu page, we're not limited to fish and chips either. So why not try one of our Italian Pizza or 100% British beef burgers, delicious pork sausages or free-range rotisserie chicken? All of these are from local farms and supplied to us directly from a locally renowned butcher.

All the food is served in environmentally-friendly packaging - recyclable or biodegradable whenever possible.


Off The Hook